Flexible Pro

Flexible Pro is a Elegant & Creative One Page parallax WordPress premium theme which have many powerful features to allow you build websites very easy and unlimited your creative to make impressed websites. Flexible Pro is also WooCommerce compatible and derive some useful widget about WooCommerce product which helps to create some awesome stores.

Installation Via WordPress Dashboard

Installation Via FTP/Cpanel

Configure site logo/title/favicon

Configure Background Color

Configure Theme Color

Configure Background Image

Background image is more suitable while Website is in boxed layout.

Configure PreLoaders

Configure WebSite Layout

Creating One Page Menu

Configure Top Header Section

At top header section theme have two side content like: ( left content and right content ).

Configure Top Header Left Content

At this section you can set required menu or quick info.
If you select the None option top header left content has noting to display.

If you select the Top Menu (Left) option selected menu will be display at left side of top header.

If you select the Quick Info option text-area will be appear where you can set the HTML or plain text for top header left section.

Configure Top Header Right Content

At this section you can set required menu or Social Media Icons.
If you select the None option top header right content has noting to dispaly.

If you select the Top Menu (Right) option selected menu will be display at right side of top header.

If you select the Social Media option show/hide option will be appear where you can choose the option for social media icons at right side of top header. (Steps for configure social media icons)

Configure Header Layout

Configure Sticky Header

Configure Search Icon


The theme provides you the option to display a Static Normal page as a front page, or Featured home page (which includes featured home sections like 'about us' , 'service', 'portfolio' etc.. sections) as a front page or Blog posts in the home page. You may choose any of the available three options as per your need.

Create home page

Configure blogs as a front page

Flexible Pro Theme provides you different types of slider where post or custom slide will be managed separately. Also it will be display only in featured home page.

Configure Default Slider

At this type of slider posts from selective category will be display which is same as free version.

Configure Custom Slider

Configure Slider Extra Settings

Flexible Pro Theme featured home page has been based on widget area so you can use unlimited widgets any way and any order. So we can't predict about your requirement but we have some ordered section which is shown in demo site.


Note: Please use unique id in "Section ID" field in the all widgets and use same ID in the menu for One Page Menu.

About Us Section

Create About Us Page

Configure About Us Section

Services Section

Create Service Page

Configure Services Section

Portfolio Section

Elements on this section will be managed by two different ways, by using page assigned as Portfolio template or creating category and posts at Portfolio Custom Post Type. Portfolios item by using custom post type have one more option to filter items.

Create Portfolio Page

Create categories at Portfolio Custom Post Type

Create Portfolio Posts

Configure Portfolio Section

Pricing Table Section

Create Pricing Table Post

Configure Pricing Table Section

Static Counter Section

Create Static Counter

Configure Static Counter

Buy Our Products

According to demo we are using widget Flexible: Product Lists to show latest product from WooCommerce products. So, you must activate and manage products inside WooCommerce Plugin.

Configure Product List Section

Call To Action Section

Configure Call To Action Section

Team Section

Create Team Member

Configure Team Section

Testimonial Section

Create Category for Testimonials

Create Post for Testimonials

Configure Testimonials Section

Latest Blog Section

Create Post for Blog

Configure Latest Blog Section

Contact Us Section

Configure Contact Us Section

Sponsors Section

Create Single Sponsor

Configure Our Sponsors Section


In this section we have archive, page and single post page settings.

Archive Settings

Settings are effected on archive, categories, search pages.

Post Settings


Configure Social Media Icons

Configure Payment Partners

Breadcrumbs Settings


Configure Typography


About this settings user should install and activate WooCommerce Plugin.

Configure WooCommerce Cart

Configure Shop Page

Configure Single Product Page