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Available hooks in Matina theme

In wordpress, hooks are usually used to extend the functionality of the theme or a plugin. With use of hooks, one who has simple knowledge about coding can add or extend theme functionality with custom function without modifying core.

Here, we are clarifying the hooks available in matina theme that a devloper can use their for custom functionality as possible.

To learn how to use hooks, here is How to use hooks in Matina theme
  • matina_before_header
  • This hook appears just before top header

  • matina_header_section
  • This hook contains top header and main header content in it. It can be extended if custom html need to be added before, inbetween and after main header

  • matina_frontpage_section
  • This hook adds up frontpage section i.e banner section and featured section. It can be extended with custom section.

  • matina_before_page
  • This hook loads the content like preloader before page load. If custom html is to be added then html must be wrapped inside “preloader-background” id.

  • matina_before_content
  • It appears just before the content section. Div with id #main and #content are hooked into this hook.

  • matina_after_colophon
  • This hook adds up the scroll to top button. You can add custom scroll to top html but custom html must be wrapped with “matina-scroll-to-top” id

For additional information, here is WordPress hooks guide