How to Configure Slider Settings?

edigital slider
  • Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Frontpage Settings >> Slider Settings.
  • Enable/Disable the Slider section.
  • Select the category as you like from the Slider Category drop-down option.
  • Select the required mode for the slider from the Slider Mode dropdown.
  • Set the Auto Slide option to True if you wish to autoplay the slides else set the option to False.
  • Similarly, set the Slide Loop option to True if you wish to loop all slides else set the option to False.
  • Set the value for Slider Speed and Slider Pause.
  • Show/ Hide Slide Control and Slide Pager.
  • Enable/ Disable Slider Opacity option.
  • Choose the text alignment from available options under Slide Content Alignment as you wish.
  • Click on Save & Publish button.