Editorial: Fullwidth Tabbed Widget

Editorial: Fullwidth Tabbed widget
  • Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets.
  • Add the Editorial: Fullwidth Tabbed widgets at the header or sidebar as you wish.
  • Select the number of posts in a row from the dropdown option.
  • Choose tab content layout from the radio field.
  • Check if you want to show posts from sub-categories also.
  • Set the number of posts in each tab section.
  • Set the excerpt length of posts.
  • In this widget, there are 5 different sections for the tab which have the same settings for each tab.
  • Enter the tab icon which is taken from font awesome like (fa-globe).
  • Enter tab title at text field.
  • Select the required category from the dropdown option.
  • Click on the “Save” button.