News Portal Pro

News Portal Pro is modern ultimate magazine theme with creative design and powerful features that allow you to quickly and easily create a style to suit your needs. It is completely built on Customizer which allows you to customize most of the theme settings easily with live previews. It is the fully widgetized theme so as to let users manage the website using the easy to use widgets. News Portal Pro Theme is best choice to create a Beautiful & Powerful News/magazine/blog websites with ease.

Installing Theme via WordPress interface

Installation Via FTP/Cpanel

After activating theme, admin page will redirect to Theme's Welcome page. In this page, you will get more information about Our Premium Theme and also install/active recommended plugins and import demo data.

Import Demo Data

Configure site logo/title/favicon

Configure Theme Color

Configure Background Color

Configure Header Text Color

Configure Background Image

The background image is more suitable while Website is in a boxed layout.

Configure Wow Animation at FrontPage.

Configure Website Layout

Configure Site PreLoaders

Configure Top Header Section

At top header section theme has two side content like: ( left content and right content ).

Configure Current Date

Configure Top Header Menu

Configure Social Icons

Configure Header Layout

Configure Header Ads section

We recommend NP: Ads Banner widget for this section and ads banner size for this section is 728x90 which is the standard size of Leaderboard. If you want to show the Google Adsense then add the Text widget and paste your AdSense code in the content area.

Configure Primary Menu

Configure Sticky Menu

Configure Home Icon at Primary Menu

Configure Search Icon at Primary Menu

Configure News Ticker Section

News ticker section display on the front page only.

At homepage template various widget area places to manage the different layout of block section. If you don't configure homepage template latest posts are displayed like an archive as default.

Create home page

Configure blogs as a front page

Configure Homepage Top Section

According to default demo, we are recommended NP: Featured Slider and NP: Featured Posts widgets in this section.

Configure Homepage Middle Section

According to demo, we are recommended NP: Block Posts (layout 1) and NP: List Posts (layout 1), but both widgets have 4 different layouts.
1) Configure Block Post ( Layout 1 )
2) Configure List Posts ( Layout 1 )

Configure Homepage Middle Section Aside

Configure Homepage Middle Fullwidth Section

According to the demo, we are recommended only one widget NP: FullWidth Posts ( Layout 1 )

Configure Homepage Bottom Section

According to the demo, we are recommended widgets NP: Block Posts ( Layout  4 ) and NP: List Posts ( Layout 4 ), but both widgets have 4 different layouts.
1) Configure Block Post ( Layout 4 )
2) Configure List Posts ( Layout 4 )

Configure Homepage Bottom Section Aside

Configure Homepage Bottom Fullwidth Section

According to the demo, we are recommended only one widget NP: Carousel ( Layout 1 ), but this widget has 3 different layouts.

Configure Archives Pages

Settings are effected on the archive, categories, search pages.

Configure Pages

Configure Posts

Configure Post Review Section at Single Post Page

Configure Author Box at Single Post Page

Configure Related Posts Section at Single Post Page

Configure 404 Page

In this theme News Portal Pro 404, Error Page has two different layouts like Default Layout and Extra Layout. In Default, layout page is same as free and in Extra Layout, all elements of the page are editable which is control from Customizer.


Create Social Icons

We use repeater field to add social icons unlimited.

Configure Categories Color

While you set the color of category all section of the category has to change the color. like category button, title etc...

Configure Homepage Widget Title

In this settings, the theme has more features to handle the homepage widget title link and color.

Configure Meta section at Homepage Widgets

In this settings, the user can show/hide all meta like posted by the date, author, comment, review star as well post format icon for all home page widget's posts.

Configure Breadcrumbs

Creating New Category

Creating New Post

Creating New Page

Set Review

Creating A New Menu

Menu needs the pages, posts, and categories so please create that first.


Configure Typography