How to Minify CSS/JS files?

For the uninitiated, minification is the process of removing white space, semi colons or other redundant characters from JavaScript source code without altering its functionality.

Minification improves site speed and accessibility consequently boosting user experience. For the users with limited data plan and limited bandwidth, minification proves of great help to limit use of bandwidth.

OGMA pro theme allows an option of minify both CSS and JavaScript/jQuery files as per your convenience. To do that,

  • First make sure you have purchased the pro version of OGMA.
  • Then open the theme customizer by navigating to Appearance >> Theme.
  • After that navigate to General Settings >> Performance
  • Under MINIFY CSS/JS section, toggle on the Enable minify JS/jQuery file option to enable minification of JavaScript and jQuery files
  • Then, toggle on Enable minify CSS file to enable minification of CSS files.
  • Eventually, don’t forget to click on button at the top to save and publish the changes.