Owner is a powerful Free WordPress Theme which is easy to use, highly customizable and well-designed Multi-Purpose Business Theme. Theme displays your site in the best possible way on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as large desktop screens. The theme include many features that was most needed for the multipurpose theme

Installation Via Administration Panel

Installation Via FTP/Cpanel

  • Download free theme zip file from theme details page.
  • Upload the owner.zip file in to /wp-content/themes/ folder.
  • Now, activate the theme by going to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Activate the Owner theme.
  • Click on Appearance >> customizer Menu in the Dashboard for further setup.


Configure site logo/title/favicon

Configure Theme Skin Color

Configure Backgound Color

Configure Background Image

Configure Website Layout


Configure Top Header Settings

Configure Social Icons

Configure Sticky Menu

Condigure Search Icon

Owner Provides a 'Home Page' template for your home page. Please follow these steps to configure your home page with 'home page' template.

Configure Slider Section

We have managed the slider button from post content. About button design you must use class name: slider-btn
<div class="mt-slider-btn-wrap"> <a href="#" class="slider-btn"> Learn More </a><a href="#" class="slider-btn active"> Download Now </a> </div>

Configure Grid Items

Configure Call To Action

Configure Recent Works

Configure Our Team

Configure What People Says

Configure Our Latest Blog

Configure Our Sponsors

Configure Archive Pages

Configure Single Pages

Configure Single Post's Page


Configure Social Media