Installing Theme via WordPress Interface

Installing Theme Offline

Installation Via FTP/Cpanel

Installing Theme via WordPress InterfacePro Version

Installation Via FTP/CpanelPro Version

Configure site logo/title/favicon

site logo title favicon

Configure Header Text Color


Configure Background Color

Configure Background Image

Background Image

Configure Homepage Settings

At homepage template various widget area places to manage the different layout of block section. If you don't configure homepage template latest posts are displayed like an archive as default.

Configure blogs as a front page


Configure Theme Options

theme options


Configure Top Header Section

top header
At top header, section theme has two side content like: ( left content and right content ).

Configure Main Menu Section

main menu

Configure Inner Page Section

Before customizing the frontpage settings, configure a static home page.

Configure Slider Section Pro Version

slider section

Configure Banner Section


Configure About Section Pro Version

About us section

Configure Services Section


Configure Portfolio Section

portfolio section

Configure Call-To-Action Section

Call To Action section

Configure Team Section

team section

Configure Blog Section

Configure Testimonials Section

testimonials section

Configure Pricing Section Pro Version

pricing section

Configure WooCommerce Section Pro Version

woocommerce section

Configure Contact Section Pro Version

contact section

Configure Sponsors Section Pro Version

sponsors section

Configure Section Reorder Pro Version


Configure Archives Pages

Archives section
Settings are effected on the archive, categories, search pages.

Configure Pages Layout

Configure Posts Layout

Configure Social Media setting

Configure Scroll to Top


Configure Top Toggle Menu Sidebar