Saaya is the perfect Wordpress theme entirely based on any kind of blog such as travel blogs, food blogs, personal blogs and many more. Build an amazing website with the core features and resourceful design that let you feel the awesome experience. Works perfectly with Elementor page builder that will help you create an enchanting website. It has a minimalist design, responsive and looks great on any kind of devices.

Installing Theme via WordPress interface

Installing Theme Offline

Installation Via FTP/Cpanel

Installing Theme via the WordPress interfacePro Version

Installation Via FTP/CpanelPro Version

Configure site logo/title/favicon

site logo title favicon

Configure Header Text Color

header text color

Configure Background Color

Configure the Primary Theme Color

Configure Background Image


Configure Homepage Settings

Configure Site Settings


Configure Innerpages Header Image

Innerpage settings

Configure Sticky Menu

sticky menu

Configure Search Icon

Configure Top Header Pro Version

top header

Configure Header Sticky Sidebar Pro Version

Configure Slider Content Type

slider content

Configure Slider Option


Configure Featured Section

featured section

Configure Layout Settings



Configure Archives Pages

archive settings
Settings are effected on the archive, categories, search pages.

Configure Posts

Configure Pages

Configure 404 Pro Version

404 page

Create Social Icons

Configure Breadcrumbs


Configure Image Hover Pro Version

Configure Archive Pages Pro Version

archive pages

Configure Sidebar Widget Pro Version

Configure Scroll Top Pro Version